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Rahul Luthra is the founder and Pastor of New Hope in Christ in California, USA, a non-denominational Charismatic church. Rev. Rahul was born in Punjab, India, and in 2004 – he had an encounter with Jesus Christ and became a Christian, an incident that left him totally transformed and that radically changed the direction of his life. He enrolled at Morris Cerullo World Evangelism in USA and the destination, in 2005, of a young Indian Evangelist, his wife Sabina and their two sons Abraham and Beniel. The place where it all began as God shaped a young man of faith and began to mold the “character of faith” in him.

In September of 2010, Rev Rahul was ordained minister of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.

In those early days in India, God showed Rahul a vision of a “Preaching the Gospel all over the world.” Rahul took hold of the vision and in Jesus’ name began to speak it and live it.

Aradhana International Fellowship

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